Exe BubbleFootball is a business that specialises in Bubble Football, or football zorbing, events and parties in the South West. We cater for stag and hen dos, weddings, team building and corporate events and kids parties. We pride ourselves on our experience and delivering the best value for money from whichever package you decide to go for. We can take care of absolutely everything for you, from organising the venue to supplying the kit and setting up a fantastic schedule of games for you and your party to get the most out of your day. All you need to do is turn up and be ready for one of the craziest, most exhilarating and funniest games ever invented.

How it works

Once you have chosen a package and spoken to us, a venue is booked by you, or us if requested. On the day we set up the games, teams are picked and it’s ready to strap yourselves in to be let loose on the pitch and each other!

Bubble suits come in two different colours so you know who’s team you are on. The aim is to score goals – but staying on your feet and not dying of laughter can be just as much of a challenge!

Games also include tournaments, British Bulldogs, Bowling and King of the Ring. The games are quick and players are rotated regularly, as the bubbles are hot and “barge” tackling and flying through the air can take a lot of energy!

At the end of your time, we will make sure that your group has had the most out of your session, and goes home weary and smiling!