Exe Bubble Football – One Magazine

Catch Exe Bubble Football in One Magazine’s January Edition. Get insight into their hilarious Bubble Football antics! It was great to see the whole team going all in, hits were coming from left, ¬†right and centre.

It was hard to keep the laughter of our faces as we reffed and photographed them, the pure effort they put into jumping and rolling into their colleagues was excellent to watch.

Here’s a few insights into their great Bubble Football experience.

‘A vicious cycle of hilariously exhausting entertainment! Although football is the main focus of the session, the bubbles lend themselves to a variety of other amusing games to mix things up and add to the fun.’

‘Another favourite was King of the Ring – a last man standing style of game with the last remaining person left on their feet winning a prize which in our case was a bottle of champagne’

‘It’s easy to see that the team at Exe Bubble Football love what they do, and that really rubs off on you when taking part. Professional, friendly and fun, it’s smiles all round guaranteed, I challenge anyone who gives it a go not to leave in fits of laughter’¬†– One Magazine

A big thank you from Exe Bubble Football to the great bunch of people at One Magazine!